1. 40,000 Dekhkan farmers have adopted climate resilient conservation agriculture practices (e.g. low till, mixed cropping, fodder production, and residue crop soil covering adopted measures adopted at 80,000 ha of dekhkan farms)
  2. 40,000 dekhkan farms apply water-saving irrigation practices (for example, laser land leveling, management of water resources of artesian wells, siphon and drip irrigation systems in order to improve drainage at the farm level and minimize soil salinity are used on 80,000 ha)
  3. 40% of targeted dekhkan farms have established fruit and vegetable greenhouses on 20,000 ha of farms in order to minimize the negative impacts of drought on the crop productivity of the farms
  4. Legislative and legal framework is in place, which is necessary for replication and large-scale distribution of well-proven adaptation measures