In the past few decades, the volume of incoming water to the Aral Sea zone has significantly decreased, the water supply of agricultural lands has sharply decreased to 30-40% of the demand. The area of irrigated land decreased by 47% compared to 1980. There is an ongoing intensive process of desertification and salinization of soils, both in river deltas and on irrigated lands. Over 78% of the irrigated lands of Karakalpakstan are subject to varying extent of salinization.

The problem of soil salinization and water scarcity necessitates a change in the development strategy of the agro-industrial complex of the region. This collection is the first of a series of brochures dedicated to salt tolerant cultivated and wild plants that are of practical interest and are promising for cultivation in Karakalpakstan. The brief guide was prepared within our joint project with UzHydromet and Adaptation Fund “Developing climate resilience of farming communities in the Drought prone parts of Uzbekistan".